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Suits and blazers are usually delivered within 4 to 7 weeks after your personal appointment. The shirts take up to 4 or 6 weeks.

The final price may vary on the choice of fabric and the amount of material used. All prices are stated including the material and tailoring.

Made to measure shirts

Premium cotton shirt 2 200 - 3 990 CZK
Linen shirt/Non-iron shirt/Luxury fabric shirt 2 690 - 3 690 CZK
Thomas Mason fabric shirt 3 990 - 4 990 CZK

You can define any detail on your new shirt, price unchanged - such as the style of the collar or cuffs, details like a monogram, the color of the buttons or threads, contrast lining, etc. according to your personal style.

More info about made-to-measure shirts please find here.

Tailormade / Custom-made / Semi-bespoke or Bespoke suits

Suits from the finest Italian/English fabrics (usually Super 110/120's)
(more than 5000 different styles and patterns)
16 990 - 20 590 CZK
Summer suits with silk or mohair, cotton and linen suits 17 490 - 20 490 CZK
Suits from premium Italian/English fabrics (usually Super 140/150/160's, Merino wool, ..) 19 490 - 24 990 CZK
Luxury suits from Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry, Scabal, Pal Zileri, Marzoni, Valdengo, Giorgio Valentino, and other luxurious fabrics from 24 990 CZK

There is no top limit for your creativity and also a price. We can do literally anything you can imagine. At Suit & Me we are ready to do anything to stand up to your standards or wishes regarding the style or quality of the garment - regardless a certain style according to a picture you sent us or fabric with golden threads.

Express delivery for suits, e.g. wedding suits, in 3 weeks maximum - special charge of 2000 Kč. 

For more information regarding tailormade suits, please follow this link.

Tailormade / Custom-made / Semi-bespoke jackets/blazers

Jacket and blazers from wool with cashmere or silk
(hundreds of styles available at the bottom of the price range)
13 990 Kč - 19 490 CZK
Jackets and blazers from wool, linen or summer wool "tropical suiting" 13 590 Kč - 18 990 CZK
Jacket from any suit fabric
(over hundreds of fabrics and styles)
cca 2/3 of suit price

We also make tailormade pants - woolen/chinos for the price starting at 4.990 CZK.

We provide a wide range of accessories - silk ties, bow ties, color socks, lapel decoration, and much more.

For more info about the blazers we are able to tailor for you - follow this link.

Smoking / Tuxedo

Tailormade smoking from luxury wool with satin lapels (shawl or peak lapels)
(including bowtie or cummerbund)
from 19 490 CZK

We manufacture smokings according to our customer's wishes and sizes (inluding double-breasted or creative). The delivery times range from 5 - 6 weeks.

Tailormade coats

Long elegant formal coat, single or double-breasted
(pure wool with cashmere blend)
from 18 490 CZK
Cashmere coat or Camel hair coat or Creative pattern cashmere coats  24 990 CZK - 33 990 CZK

We manufacture coats according to our customer's wishes and sizes. In case you are interested in a shorter "pea-coat", the prices are 15% lower. The delivery times range from 4 - 7 weeks.


Costume from 16 590 CZK
Shirt from 2 990 CZK
Coat from 17 690 CZK
Top from 2 990 CZK
Jacket from 12 690 CZK


Fashion consultancy services

We also offer fashion consultancy services. Our fashion consultancy services don't require you to order a suit or measure, we would be more than happy to get to know both you and your personal style and to be assistance in proper outfit recommendations or matters of etiquette as well as going shopping with you or audit your current closet. The prices for fashion consultancies are based individually on the extent of services, the hourly fee usually ranges from 1900-2500 CZK. 
For more info
 and to set your personal appointment do not hesitate to contact us.


Our custom tailored suits are hand tailored as per the customer's measurement. If by chance, due to human error you may feel uncomfortable with our product (doesn't fit well), do not hesitate to call us. Our Sales Representative will gladly take care of it and will guarantee changes to fulfill your satisfaction. (Of course free of charge.) In comparison QUALITY/PRICES/SERVICES you will get the very best at Suit & Me.

(Suits are usually delivered within 4 to 6 weeks after order. The final price may vary due to different materials and final layout.)

Material and work are included in all prices.

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