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Compared to suitmaking, the process of tailoring shirts is relatively simple although it follows much the same process. and some details and proper measurement. Once you've settled on the style details that suit your taste, ordering shirts is simple and hassle-free. Material Selection

The first step is choosing a right fabric that you like and were you will feel more comfortable. We have over 3,000 different materials of varying weights, textures, and colors to choose from. Most of our fabrics are imported from Italy.


Choosing the style that is right for you begins with the collar. Wide? Long? Button-down?

Things to consider are whether you will wear a tie and the size of knot you prefer, the shape of your face, and the length of your neck. The collar of your shirt has the power to enhance your better facial features and minimize your lesser ones. Also possible to make collar with detachable bones.


Next we consider the type of cuff to use. Do you prefer the single-layer button cuff or the folded over French cuff? Cuffs come in various shapes as well. Will you wear square, round, or cutaway cuffs? Often these choices will be influenced by you choice of collar style.


We will take down all of the details and special requests you may have. Monogram; number, color, and style of buttons; color and type of stitching; number and placement of pockets. Any other special requests you may have can be fulfilled as well.


Most shirt-makers use machines to do 100% of the sewing work. At Suit & Me Custom Tailors we still pay close attention to every detail.

Much of the edge stitching and collar work is done by skilled tailors hands.


Nearly every one of our clients who has a shirt made at from Suit & Me comes back for more. Once you`ve been through this process the first time, reordering is simple. If you are in town, you need only select the materials and we'll take care of the rest. If you're elsewhere in the world, we'll send you samples to choose from via express courier, or can be order from our eshop at our website.

Button Cuffs or Regular cuffs

The button cuff (also called a regular cuff) is the most common and generally has a one-button or two-button closure. This style features a single layer and fits closest to the wrist. It is generally the preferred style for business wear.

French Cuffs

French cuffs fold back and often require cuff links for closure, however, button versions are also available. If slightly longer sleeves are preffered, the french cuffs held in place by cuff links may be more comfortable for some men. Details monogram

We can accommodate any detail you specify. Many men want monogrammed cuffs. Some prefer visible, some matching or same colored stitching. Anything you desire, we can do for you.


We use mainly white shell buttons on our shirts although a large variety of colors is available if you prefer.

A two button collar adds length to the neck and an aristocratic air to any style shirt. One or two buttons (or more if you wish) on the cuff can also accent or diminish the length of your arms or the size of your hands.

In the end most of these decisions are a matter of taste, and as with everything at Suit & Me we are happy to accomodate your requests and offer you guidance as you desire.


Collar - Wide : The most popular collar selection these days is the wide collar. This is especially true with European clients who generally favor larger knots for their ties.

Collar - Italian : The Italian collars whether wide or regular have a more rounded shape to them offering a wider spread at the tips. They lend a more open appearance to the collar and are particularly well suited to men with shorter or heavier necks. The button-down collar is sometimes considered more casual, but is still widely accepted for business use. An alternative to the button-down is the loop-down style which features a loop behind the collar that is invisible from the outside.

Finally, tab collars are less common but preferred by some men. They feature a snap fastener and give a trim neat look. The tabless collar has a similar, neat, trim, shaped appearance but uses collar pins rather than a self tab. 100% Fine Cotton

At Suit & Me Custom Tailoring, we use 100% cotton fabric to make our shirts. It is the ultimate fabric for comfort and dressiness. Cotton is a natural fiber and allows the skin to breathe within the fabric. It does not hold on to perspiration and consequently has little chance of retaining any odor.

We have a wide selection of Egyptian and Sea Island & Oxford Cottons for you to choose from.

Egyptian & Sea Island

The longer the cotton fiber the finer cotton. This is because the longer cotton fibers are not tied with knots to bind them together. The world's finest cottons are Egyptian Cotton and one of its descendants from the West Indies called Sea Island Cotton. They are known for their silky feel, luster and long 1 3/4 inch fibers. They are exceptionally light, airy, and silky.

Pinpoint Oxford

Pinpoint Oxford is known for its subtle texture and durability. It is essentially a Broadcloth made from yarns which are somewhat thicker and therefor has a coarser nap but still has a finer weave and lighter weight than standard oxford fabrics mostly can be seen in polo shirts.


Herringbone fabrics feature a fine and consistent pattern resembling up and down arrowheads. It creates well-balanced zig-zags that look like the skeleton of a herring from which its name is derived.

Stripes, Checks, & Plaids shirts

With the variety of weaves mentioned above it is possible to achieve texture and depth with solid colors. If you prefer to add a bolder or more dynamic look to your shirts, we have a wide range of patterns available for you to choose from.

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