Tailoring for Companies

In offices, your attire speaks a thousand words even before you do. What employees wear is a clear indicator about the business they represent. When you have the clothes that fit and are styled for your personality and needs, you not only look great but you'll feel confident and comfortable.

Suit & Me helps customers differentiate their businesses through design-led clothing solutions.


  • Designing the ideal fabrics that suits customer needs.
  • Collaborating with garment designers to provide maximum style and comfort.
  • Providing garments on a made-to-measure basis through a vast network.
  • Producing tailor-made shirts and suits for corporate clients.
  • Making corporate dressing accessories like ties and scarves.
  • Producing and supplying belts, underwear, top coats, cufflink, socks, cotton pyjamas, leather gloves and further accessories.
  • Also possible to supply branded watches for corporate gifts.

Uniform Fabrics

Suit & Me makes special fabric for institutions seeking high-quality material for their staff uniform. It's customized shades and weaves can be seen on clients who come from all walks of life; from a large number of corporate clients, hotel uniform, casino staff uniforms and corporates employees.

Gift Cheques And Coupons for Corporates and Individual

The Suit & Me Gift Cheques are an ideal way to reward employees or customers. These gift cheques are redeemable in over shop or at our office.

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