How is tailor made suit made

Suit made by Suit & Me custom Tailors ( Suit & Me ) have all the Hallmark qualitys needed for a good tailor made suits.

Points to Determine a Custom Tailor made Suit Quality

Determining the quality of a suit can be tricky even for seasoned suit-wearers. Many details are easily overlooked during a fitting or even on a finished garment.

Choosing a right Style for Men's suits...

We begin by selecting a basic style. Classic or Contemporary, Formal or Semi-Formal, Single-breasted or Double-Breasted .

We then customize your suit to fit your particular body type. Are you Tall? Portly? Fair complexion? We take every aspect into consideration to create a suit that will highlight your best features.

Finally, we plan for any special needs or requirements you may have. Do you want you suit monogrammed? Would you like the last button on your cuff to be a different color? Need a special pocket for your glasses, business cards, iPod, or cell phone etc

Any detail that you desire, we can accommodate.


Most tailors use a stock pattern to make suits. We create a unique pattern for each individual specifically designed for your body type and style choices.


Suit & Me tailors sew over 80% of your suit by hand including all edge stitching and button holes. Perfect lapels are a particular passion for Suit & Me , and all of our lapels are shaped to perfection by skilled craftsmen's fingers


This is the most important step in the process. You try on suit, and our tailors work each detail around you until the fit is perfect.

Suit & Me and his team would need one or two sometimes fittings to get it just right. Now, we pride ourselves on being able to get it perfect in just one fitting.

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