Top-quality goodyear-welted shoes and belts

We offer you a wide seleciton of goodyear-welted shoes and elegant belts.

Belts by F.L.Popper

Quality calf leather belts available in 3 colors. Hand-made in the Czech republic.

Price: 1.199 CZK

Opasek cernyOpasek hnedyOpasek tan

Goodyear-welted shoes

Barker shoes logo

We offer you a comprehensive range of top-quality goodyear welted shoes, for formal as well as leisure time, made by traditional English shoemakers Barker, founded in 1880 at Earls Barton, Northamptonshire. With Barker shoes, you are getting the most elegant pieces for both your business and smart casual shoe rack!
You can also have your Barker shoes, equipped with a breathable and comfortable but very durable leather sole, refurbished at the Barker factory and have them sent for reconstruction (cc. 2600 CZK; usually after 2 years of regular wear). The shoes will come back almost as nice as new ones but with a beautiful patina

Price: from 7.990 CZK 

Available sizes: 39 - 46, UK 5 - 12 (The right size of Barker shoes for you will be usually one or one-and-half size smaller than your regular "non goodyear-welted" size)

You can also order other Barker shoes designs, all it takes is to choose from the Barker company catalogue and we will get it especially for you!

Barker Nevis

brown or black captoe oxford shoe

Ideal for occasions such as - wearing with a business or formal suit or even tuxedo (we can also get high shine oxford shoes especially ordered for you), separate trousers, chinos or even slim fitting jeans (especially brown version). Captoe oxford shoes are considered to be a rather formal shoe and are appropriate both for daily and evening wear (in black for evening). They are however very versatile and will not let you down even with a rather creative outfit. It is an essential in every man's wardrobe and a "first pair of shoes" you should buy, prefferably in both black and brown.

Barker Epping

black or brown captoe derby shoe

Ideal for occasions such as - wearing with a business suit, separate trousers, chinos or even slim fitting jeans (especially brown version). Derby shoes are overall less formal than oxford shoes and should be avoided for formal evening events (especially brown version). They are however a great option for a second pair of shoes for every gentleman, e.g. to let your oxfords rest during the days when you are without important meetings or upcoming social events.

Barker Epping

Barker Newcastle

brown semibrogue oxford shoe

Ideal for occasions such as - wearing with a business or creative suit, separate trousers, chinos or jeans. Oxford brogues are overall less formal than plain captoe oxford shoes and should be avoided for formal evening events (especially brown version). These are however an amazing choice for wearing with a sportsjacket and chinos or unmatching woolen trousers, they are more creative and sophisticated and if you are looking for a second or third pair, then do not hesitate to grab these to ad some extra flair or little statement to your wardrobe.

Barker Newcastle

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We also offer you an evolving selection of goodyear-welted shoes from revived traditional Czech brand F.L.Popper, for a more than available price, crafted in India.

Shoes by F.L.Popper are equipped with comfortable durable anti-slip sole and you can have them refurbished by the manufacturer as well (cca. 1300 CZK) to make them look great again.

Price: from 4.199 CZK 

Sizes available: 41 - 47, UK 7 - 12 

Simon Model

Classic oxford shoe with closed lacing, perfect for the formal wear as well as your typical busines day and evening occasions.


Nodus Model

Thanks to elegant semi-brogue punching these shoes are a less-formal version of the Simon model. Great for more relaxed occasions or your business meetings for guys who want to stand our a bit thanks to their elegant decorative brogue punching.


Herold Model

Similar semi-brogue punching to the Nodus model in light bworn - tan color. They come with the open derby lacing whicch is less formal than the oxford closed lacing and are ideal for the days when you want to go smart-casual, yet with enough style and dressy looks. You are about to enjoy wearing them with your suit, blazer and chinos or even your jeans. Your perfect-mate for all summer weddings, parties and drinks. Avoid evening occasions and events after 6 PM though thanks to their brown color.


Baldur Model 

Dark brown Chelsea boots with no lacing. Your number one choice for windy rainy days of autumn and spring or when it starts to freeze. Made to stay durable, last years of wear and keep your feet warm. 


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