So the big day has arrived! Your carefree days of being the eligible bachelor are no more. It's now times for you to start behaving as gentlemanly as possible, assume responsibilities and shed the face of your bachelorhood.

There are many qualities that decide the personality of a man - what you wear is just one of them. Dressing up has been of importance since the days of the Emperor's new clothes. So oughn't you gear up for what is going to be the most important day of your life?

Okay, so you've decided to go in for formal and wear a morning dress. A wide variety greets you at the outset. A black morning dress with peak lapels and a plain dark grey trouser, Your best choice for the occasion would be a full-sleeved french cuff shirt with pleated front with medium spread collar with a bow tie, if there is no morning dress the option than with a black or dark blue suit is also possible.The straight jacketed 2-button single breasted or 3-button single-breasted shaped from waist can be a good second options. For those taller and lean physiques there is the 3-button suit or even double breasted suit - the decision is yours.
Always try to avoid using the tuxedo or frack as these are for evening events only. You don't want to look incongruous at your own reception.

Another option for a wedding outfit, especially when the ceremony takes place in a garden or generally in summer and the overall plan is to be less formal, is blazer/sports jacket and a pair of lighweight linen or cotton chino trousers.

Trousers that match are the next in line. The fashion now is towards parallels in straight slim cuts, no pleats one or two deep pleats and a high waist. Get a waist belt again black or brown preferable, not too wide with a small not too conspicuous buckle.

Next, most importantly comes the colour of your coat - preferably a dark shade of black or blue. There is the choice of going in for the Tweed or the leight weight wool variety, which is basically a soft Merino-wool blend. Lightweight wool fabrics are recommended for summer.

A matching double-knotted tie to go with your outfit is essential. No bright colours or caricatures, subdued stripes or plain shades will do the trick. Matching the tie with the dress of the bride is not in style anymore, so try to avoid this bad habit of many.

Couple your apparel now with your choice of comfortable formal leather shoes, prefferably Goodyear welted like Barker shoes available at our tailor shop and matching socks for formal weddings or colorful ones for modern ones.

A clean handkerchief in your suit breast pocket could prove useful as well as elegant. Other accessories like cuff links, optional adornments like bracelets, chains or rings complete the outfit.

And now our suede handsome groom is ready to face the world!

At Suit & Me we can make your wedding suit in a matter of 4 weeks. Express delivery is also possible upon request in 21 days. You can also accompany your wedding outfit by a pair of stylish quality English-made Barker shoes (for weddings with an additional 500 CZK discount). Come and enjoy the pleasure of custom tailoring and set your personal appointment.

Prices for wedding suit including shirt and a tie from 18.690 CZK

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